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Monday, November 29, 2010


American Nightmare


01. 2 Sides Of Me
02. All American Nightmare
03. What Ya Gonna Do
04. Hey Ho
05. The Life
06. Waking Up The Devil
07. Red Tail Lights
08. Strip Tease
09. Everybody's Wrong
10. Put That Record On

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Chariot

Long Live

01. Evan Perks
02. The Audience
03. Calvin Makenzie
04. The City
05. Andy Sundwall
06. The Earth
07. David De La Hoz
08. The Heavens
09. Robert Rios
10. The King

Death I Am



01. Entheogen
02. Moira
03. Subatomic Shower
04. The Inner Serpents
05. Cross Chatter Paralysis
06. Solace In Silence
07. Terra Firma
08. Blues Of Ire
09. Belligerence
10. Conceiving
11. Answer 


As They Sleep



01. Oracle Of The Dead
02. To The Republic
03. The Third Reich
04. Bedlam Of The Nile
05. The Darkest Ages
06. Ritual
07. The Offering
08. Attila
09. Poseidon
10. God Of War
11. The Unseen

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dexter Freebish

Shine on

01. Wide Awake
02. Save The Last Dance
03. Everybody Knows Somebody
04. Do You Want To?
05. Made Some Friends Along The Way
06. When The Sun Shines
07. Shine On
08. The Need Machine
09. Beautiful Girl
10. Falling Off The Edge
11. Come Down



01. Memories
02. Ruling Me
03. Trainwrecks
 04. Unspoken
05. Where’s My Sex?
06. Run Away
07. Hang On
08. Smart Girls
09. Brave New World
10. Time Flies

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate

01.Choose Your Fate
04.Zombie Dance
05.Gorgeous Nightmare
06.City of Sin
07.Day of Reckoning
08.Lost In Darkness
09.Prepare Your Weapon
10.World Around Me
11.The Aftermath (The Guillotine Part III)


Would it kill you?
Track List 

01.Finding Something To Do
02.Getting Old
03.When We First Met
04.Betrayed By Bones
05.You Sleep Alone
06.When We First Kissed
07.The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps
08.I Never Can Relax
10.Would It Kill You
11.Something You Misplaced

Alter Bridge


01.Slip To The Void
02 .Isolation
03.Ghost Of Days Gone By
04 .All Hope Is Gone
05.Still Remains
06 .Make It Right
07.Wonderful Life
08.I Know It Hurts
09.Show Me A Sign
11.Breathe Again
12 .Coeur D Alene
13 .Life Must Go On
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings

A Day To Remember

What Separates Me From You

01 Sticks & Bricks
02 All I Want
03 It's Complicated
04 This Is The House That Doubt Built
05 2nd Sucks
06 Better Off This Way
07 All Signs Point To Lauderdale
08 You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic
09 Out of Time
10 If I Leave